Today, there are more than 2 million carts in the US

They can be found on golf courses, resort towns, and even on the streets of major cities. You must have noticed all the golf carts zooming around these days! From the farm to the beach, carts are taking over. It’s become the fastest growing local transportation and everybody wants one! So what’s the big deal? I mean it’s just a golf cart right? No.. this is not your typical golf cart. CARTS have come a long way and they’re here to stay. 



I don’t play golf, but I love my golf cart and its many uses! Our family began using a cart on camping trips, then on college campuses, and soon we were taking it to the beach. With gas prices constantly testing our limits and parking lots getting smaller everyday, it’s a relief to scoot around town on a charge and park just about anywhere! You may not realize what carts are capable of today. I’m sure you can dream up a few other uses in addition to these! 


  • Transportation to outbuildings, stables, and swimming pools.
  • College campus transport/security patrols.
  • Farm and commercial property maintenance.
  • Gardening and spreading mulch.
  • Off-road vacation property and camp ground vehicle.
  • Cardio and lower extremity limitations or disability transport.



The first electric golf cart was manufactured in 1932, that’s right they’re not a new thing but… they’ve been continually upgraded ever since and offer loads of benefits! Today, electric golf carts produce zero emissions, they’re an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to gas-power, and they have STYLE. Do your part to lower greenhouse gasses and pollution without breaking the bank. 

Driving a golf cart can be easier than trying to navigate a full-size car or truck to the beach. Many beach towns and beaches are golf cart friendly and it’s easy to find a space to park them. While it might have taken you half an hour or more to get your whole crew down to the beach while walking from a hotel or cottage, it’ll take only a few minutes with a golf cart. Oh, and you and your crew are out of the sun! Surfboards, coolers, toys, and towels all pack up easily. Get all your gear to and from the beach in the shade while enjoying the breeze. 

Gas prices? Forget about it, we simply plug in where ever we go and charge while we hangout! No smelly fumes, no noisy engine, and best of all… no gas prices.



Is it time for an electric cart in your driveway? Everyone agrees, golf carts are fun, on top of all the obvious benefits there are a couple more! Electric carts are quieter than gas, produce no emissions, and are more affordable than gas carts due to the gas powered cart’s repairs and maintenance expenses. No gas prices or smell make electric carts the obvious alternative. EV technology is cool like that, just plug them into a 110 outlet for a few hours and roll. Freedom to travel lite, inexpensively, almost anywhere, and yes… get a parking spot while everyone else circles like vultures lol!  



Q: Top speed for TM Auto EVOLUTION carts? 

TM Auto: 25 mph


Q: Do I need a driver’s license to operate a golf cart on public roadways? 

TM Auto: The driver must be 16 or older and have a valid driver’s license. 


Q: What makes a golf cart street legal in VA?

TM Auto: The standard requires low-speed vehicles have a “Low Speed Vehicle License Plate” displayed and to be equipped with headlamps, stop lamps, turn signal lamps, taillamps, reflex reflectors, parking brakes, mirrors, windshields, seat belts, and vehicle identification numbers when traveling. In addition, DOT windshield and seat belts are required.


Q: Reasonable distance on a full charge? 

TM Auto: Rated for 15-20 miles


Q: Battery life? 

TM Auto: 15 years 


Q: Where can I charge? 

TM Auto: Any 110 outlet, but an extension cord can’t be used to charge your cart. 


Q: How long does it take to fully charge? 

TM Auto: 4 hours from 48% to full, 6hrs give or take for a full charge. Ask Mike for details


Q: Will terrain change my cart’s battery life and performance? 

TM Auto: Yes, ask Mike for details


Q: Does air temperature affect the battery performance? 

TM Auto: May affect performance depending on how low the temperature is. Won’t charge if the cart is below freezing, must be in a warm environment. 


Q: There are several battery options, what are the primary differences?

TM Auto: Size matters, twice the battery means more travel time\ distance. A model 205 will last quite a long time and is often used for commercial applications. Ask Mike for details. 


Q: Will different batteries change the cost of my cart? 

TM Auto: Yes


Q: Are there reasons to own a gas cart vs an electric cart?

TM Auto: Gas powered carts tend to pull heavier loads, run faster, and its quicker to refill the tank.


Q: Are there reasons not to own a gas powered golf cart vs an electric cart?

TM Auto: Excessive carbon footprint due to fuel, smell, noise, cost more due to repairs and regular maintenance. Read my article on EV’s here! Electric Cars – Friend of Foe


Q: Can I custom order my cart from TM Auto or only pick from TM Auto In-stock carts? 

TM Auto: Either, ask Mike for more details. 


Q: Are the weather enclosures easy to install, do they work well? 

TM Auto: They take a bit of time to properly install, not the quick solution to bad weather. 


Q: Are stereo’s stock in all TM carts? 

TM Auto: No


Q: Maintenance? 

TM Auto: None 


Q: Warranty info? 

TM Auto: Battery comes with a factory 5 year warranty and your cart has a 2 year.  Carts are test driven and given a thorough inspection before delivery. 


Q: Is financing available? 

TM Auto: Yes, ask Mike for details. 


Q: Accessories? 

TM Auto: Lots, ask Mike about all of your options. 


Q: TM Auto cart delivery process? 

TM Auto: We Deliver! Carts can be delivered with license plates or no license plates. 


Q: Which TM Auto Cart is Best for You? 

TM Auto: I have a cart for most any budget and lifestyle. How do you plan to enjoy yours!   

Call TM Auto and I’ll get you driving!

Call or text (757) 560-4252 and ask for Mike Love, let me show you how easy a cart buying experience can be. 



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