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Our philosophy at TM Auto is to finance the vehicle of your choice regardless of your credit score! You can even improve your credit when buying a used car, truck, or SUV from TM Auto Wholesalers! You already know that TM Auto Wholesalers is your best bet for purchasing a car when you have bad credit or no credit, but did you know that you can actually save money by purchasing a used car, truck, or SUV in December?


You read that right! It is actually cheaper to buy a vehicle in December or at the beginning of January than at other times of the year! There are a couple of reasons for these savings.

# 1. Mike at TM Auto notes, “Suppliers capitalize on profits as tax season approaches by raising car prices for dealers. That’s why I can offer some of my best prices in December and up to January 15th.” Both and This Is Money report that December is one of the best times to buy a car!

# 2. Suppliers and used car dealers are more likely to liquidate stock at the end of the fiscal year in order to make room for more automobiles arriving in the new year so it’s a great time to get a deal!

Come over to TM Auto Wholesalers and we’ll show you how easy buying a car can be and also help you hold on to some of that hard-earned cash for your holiday expenses! As always, you can contact us online at, or by phone or text at 757-560-4252. Ask for Mike, and get a better deal than you ever imagined was possible!

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Posted 12/10/2015 in TM AUTO UPDATE

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