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    Cars can be a real pain sometimes, literally! Foot cramps, low back pain, stiff neck, and sore shoulders are all common symptoms experienced by drivers at the wheel for prolonged periods. It doesn’t take a doctor to know that if you get aches and pains when driving, your car’s “ergonomics” may be the cause. Ergonomics (the science of engineering for human requirements and capacities) play a major role in maintaining a healthy relationship between you and your automobile. For example; a vehicle’s seat shape can add pressure to your legs and back causing pain and restricting blood flow. Neck, Hips, Knees, and elbows can all be affected by your car’s design features.

    A vehicle’s interior needs to be adjustable to be comfortable and a few simple adjustments may be enough to eliminate driver related chronic pain!

    The basics like headroom, visibility, and distance from the steering wheel and foot pedals can impact a driver’s comfort and health in a positive or negative way. Necessary adjustments include (but are not limited to) height from the floor, seat cushion angle, seat back angle, and distance between the seat back and the steering wheel. Check our inventory for the ride that fits you best and has the options you need. You and your passenger may have a much more comfortable ride when traveling for long periods by trying some of these easy adjustments!

    • Seat Height – Raise your seat as high as you can for best vision while staying comfortable. You should be able to see over the top of the steering wheel (about 3 inches or so) and still maintain enough room between the roof and the top of your head.

    • Seat cushion length (if available) – Try adjusting the seat length so that the back of your knees are about 1-1/4 to 2-3/8 inches from the front of the seat to improve blood flow.

    • Seat forward/back adjustment – Move the seat forward until you can easily push the pedals through their full range with your whole foot, no tip toes.

    • Seat cushion angle – Tilt the seat cushion until your thighs are entirely supported without pressure at the back of your knees.

    • Seat back – adjust the back of your seat until it supports your entire back when sitting upright.

    • Lumbar support – Adjust your lumbar support to reduce gaps & pressure points between your seat and back.

    • Steering wheel – adjust the steering wheel so that it can be easily reached, but not too close.

    • Headrest – Adjust your headrest so that it’s almost touching the back of your head and level with the top of your head.

    • Manual transmissions –  For those of us who love our trucks! Make sure you can comfortably reach your gear shift and easily change all gears.

    When your car’s interior is properly adjusted, you should be able to reach the pedals, steering wheel, and other controls without stretching your legs and arms. Check to see that you have a clear view through all windows, of all instruments, and all mirrors. Every vehicle in the TM Auto inventory comes with a Carfax so you can buy with confidence. Safe travels and enjoy your next extended road trip,.. in comfort!