Ready, Steady, Go 2019!

Ready? Are you? I mean are you ready or not? Let’s give 2019 all we’ve got!

2019 resolution checklistTruth is you can relax; most people aren’t really ready for the new year. In fact, only about 30% of New Year’s resolutions make it past January. One half fails completely, so the competition as we know it is a bit weak. Your chances of beating your neighbor’s record are pretty good, even better if you have a better plan.

So what’s the big deal anyway? What is it about preparing for another year that gets us all worked up? Are New Year’s resolutions so popular because we’re such failures lol? No, we’re just competitive… That’s right, we want to improve no matter how well we’ve done the previous year. Goals, resolutions, and promises help us cope mentally and physically with the challenge. Resolutions range greatly from the most common “lose weight” to the slightly more elusive “Get signed to a record label and become a star!” Hey, either one is attainable if you want it bad enough, it just has to mean something to you from the start. Here are a few meaningful approaches to the New Year that might cultivate a successful resolution.


  • “To me, it means fresh starts, the beginning of something new, and being able to change something with you.”

  • “The new year means pointless resolutions no one will hold up to.”

  • “I think it’s a chance to commit to something new about you.”

  • “The new year is a fresh start to make new decisions.”


All are honest and appear to have meaning but #2 seems a bit negative right? Well, for some people the all-predictable “fail” could be reason enough to rise above and be better than the status quo. Motivation is motivation folks! At the risk of sounding like a self-help guru, here are a few points that may help your resolutions fall within successful limits.


  • Get Real. Pick a goal that’s doable and meaningful.

  • Get Specific. Your resolution should be absolutely clear.

  • Make it Measurable. Logging progress into a journal will yield better results.

  • Achievable. Stop trying to take too big a step too fast.

  • Relevant. A goal that really matters to you for the right reasons.

  • Reasonable time limit. The timeline toward reaching your goal should be realistic.

  • Stand to lose something… This is my favorite!


When money or credibility are at stake we tend to take things quite serious. Make a wager with someone or simply tell the most condemning loud mouth you know what your goal is and when you’ll achieve it. Does that scare you? Then it should do the trick… Happy New Year, make it great!

By TM Auto Wholesalers



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