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  • Oh the places you will go!

    Finally! The sun is out, and the road to Summer vacation is calling your name. It’s time for a brand new adventure. A weekend in the woods, a day at the beach, a cross-country road trip or just a trip to the store can be exciting with the right set of wheels. 


    The Road is Calling Your Name


    A weekend drive along the coast with the top down could be an epic experience in a sporty BMW Z-4 convertible or 427 Ford Mustang Convertible or the more adventurous 4dr Jeep Grand Cherokee with climbing power, just depends on your cargo! Your kids and your family dog may squeeze into your current mode of transportation, but if you’re serious about beaching it, you need more.


    It’s no news that these cars are ideal for summer travel, highlights to seal the deal for die-hard DRIVERS.


    *Four-wheel-drive jeeps provide total beach access to FUN!

    *Going topless, there’s nothing quite like it in a Jeep OR Sports Car

    *Only enough room for two in your sports car, this is a good thing!

    *Jeep Cherokee offers the advantages of an ultimate adventure mobile with added luxury for long trips 

    *Most jeeps have a reasonably low base price so a used Jeep Wrangler or even a Rubicon are feasible options!

    *If you’ve never driven a convertible classic like the 1968 Chevrolet Camaro then call me, it’s an experience everyone should have 

    *5-6 speed manual transmission puts you in control of every peak and valley

    *Sunroof and T-tops are standard options, awesome for sunny days and starry nights

    *Bose, Infinity, & Blauplunkt sound systems are the norm, a necessity for cruising

    *Most handle athletically for speedy turns, yet have comfortable interiors for long trips

    *All the luxury options that you want, AC and power everything are usually standard


    A weekend jaunt to the woods with all your gear begs for a roomy Ford Explorer or if you need more cargo room AND four doors then this loaded 2012 Ford F-150 will do the job perfectly! A few hours in most cars are doable, but for a family excursion along the coast or to the mountains, your time at the wheel is much more of a consideration. Make it count from driveway to journey’s end.

    Road hugging, sporty, and fast or off-road adventurous driving, these vehicles welcome the challenge. Two door coupes and convertibles or four door, four wheel drive SUVs and trucks, fun awaits!


    Think About Which Car is Right for YOU

    You may not always have the need for speed and adventure but when you do… nothing satisfies better than putting some distance between you and home. See TM Auto’s inventory

    Wherever the journey takes you, make every mile a memory. Your journey begins and ends with transportation and your ride can make or break the experience. Buy your vehicle with your journey in mind and you’ll never regret it. Sure, we all have a need for our daily driver, a trusty shuttle is essential. However, traveling in these can be great or not so great, depending on where you’re going and who’s tagging along. When selecting your car, it’s smart to look at the bigger picture. Whether you’re planning a perfect family beach day or a weekend camping trip, how you get to the promised land is important. Having the right vehicle for the occasion is vital so the journey is as memorable as the destination itself.

    Every family, big and small, has different needs. There are plenty of makes and models to go around and one to fit every lifestyle and budget. Whatever your adventure and whichever vehicle you prefer, let me help you get there!  Please browse my website and See TM Auto’s Inventory. Choose from a wide variety of used vehicles.

    If you don’t see what you’re looking for, I can find it for you! I’m always available to answer your questions, feel free to text or call (757) 560-4252 and ask for Mike Love.

    Is your car ready for the Holidays?


    Around this time each year, I begin to wonder… Should we drive or fly? Let me see, a thirteen hour drive or airfare for five? Road trip wins again! We all know that November 25th is historically the busiest day for Thanksgiving travel, and yet there we are with thousands of other families making the annual trek. It’s crazy, stressful, exhausting, and a wonderful American tradition that has forged family ties for generations. I love it, but don’t tell my kids; my grumpy dad reputation would be ruined!

    Whether it’s an epic journey or a short jaunt, it’s important to prepare your vehicle for holiday traveling. Your car has just endured a summer’s worth of beach trips, sporting events, and taxiing everyone everywhere! For your car’s sake as well as your families, don’t risk it – winterize it! The basics will ensure safe passage through stormy weather, traffic jams, freezing temps, snow, equipment failure, and the unexpected. Most of the items on your winterizing checklist are DIY, minus a couple that I’d leave to the pros.

    Battery: Have mechanic run a battery load test to make sure your battery will go the distance. In extreme cold, a fully charged battery has just half its rated amp-hour capacity.

    Windshield: Change your wiper blades, fill the windshield washer reservoir with a lower freezing temperature washer fluid, and I suggest applying rain-x to your windshield for the best possible visibility. You may even want to tighten up that shine before cold weather sets in. Check out AutoDeets for spot removers! 

    Tires: Have your tires professionally checked if the tread depth is less than 3/16 inch. Your tire’s air pressure drops an estimated 6psi from summer to winter so properly inflate them to ensure best possible traction (see your owner’s manual). If snow is in the plan, consider swapping your tires out with snow tires for the trip.  

    Fluids: Have your oil and filter changed. Cold thickens your oil so a lower viscosity rated oil may be a good idea (See your owner’s manual). Check all fluids to ensure they are at the correct levels and there are no leaks. Now is also the time to check your 4WD to ensure it’s operating properly. Slippery roads, mud, or snow may call for heavy-duty traction!

    Antifreeze: Your car’s radiator should contain a 50/50 antifreeze and water mix. I recommend purchasing an antifreeze tester from your local parts supply. A simple test will confirm that your car’s antifreeze is suitable for winter temperatures.

    Belts & Hoses: They can weaken with cold weather. Check them for any signs of wear and tear and if in doubt, have them changed.

    Emergencies: I suggest a first aid kit, tool bag with basic tools for making minor repairs, portable charger for cell phones and other accessories, warm clothing for everyone, and plenty of bottled and backup munchies.  

    So maybe you fly, maybe you drive… Either way, hope for the best, prepare for the worst this holiday season by completing a smart checklist before heading out. Text or call (757) 560-4252 and ask for Mike Love. I’m always happy to answer your questions and assist you in finding the vehicle you want. Safe travels!

    Is it time to buy a truck?


    Whether you’re a truck owner or have never owned a truck or SUV, it’s a smart time of year to consider the possibilities. Spring has sprung and so have home improvements, repairs, and lawn & garden projects. You’re probably going to need a few items from the local home supply, like plywood, paint, grass seed, and maybe even mulch? If you’ve planned on diving into some exciting projects this Spring then your truck or SUV will come in real handy! On the other hand, if you’re not a truck owner, this can be a real inconvenience. Used trucks and SUV’s hold their value and make sense as back up transportation and activity vehicles. Even better, high mileage trucks are often just getting broken in, so finding a deal could be in your future. New trucks and SUV’s are often out of our budget’s reach, but used with higher miles may fit nicely. I’ve listed some of my picks to help you get started but there are more than a few used gems out there to choose from!

    • This is Ford country and since the ford F-150 has been the #1 selling truck in the US for over 30 years it’s no surprise that it’s one of my top picks. Variety, hi tech features, and dependability are all winners when it comes to the Ford.
    • The Ram 1500 offers toughness with its Hemi V8 and 5-ton towing package. It’s rear suspension offers a surprisingly smooth ride in spite of its hefty features.
    • For travel and comfort the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra has a smooth ride and lower wind and road-noise. Chevy is also the only truck that offers OnStar.
    • The compact Toyota Tacoma packs a punch with its six-cylinder engines and are also available with four-cylinders for better fuel economy. Most models are available with four-wheel drive and offer regular, extended, and crew cab versions.

    For best results, focus your search between 2001 and 2012 models. They’re affordable and comparably reliable. Remember, used trucks require less maintenance and offer more safety features than when your parents owned them so you don’t have to sacrifice dependability and security to save money. I’m continuously updating my inventory of used trucks and SUV’s to offer the widest variety possible to my customers so feel free to give me a call. Good hunting!