When is the best time to buy? Glad you asked!


Whether it’s for your soon-to-be teen driver, off road adventures, work use, or daily commute, now’s the best time of year to get a deal on that car, truck or SUV.

As a dealer, I constantly monitor the car market’s pulse to provide my customers with the best automobiles at the lowest possible prices. Because dealership’s costs fluctuate throughout the year just like yours, their prices fluctuate as well. Sometimes up and other times down, always changing, depending on a number of triggering factors.

After the first of the year, car dealerships across the country will begin raising their prices, just like last year and the year before. Why? It all starts at the top with Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam will begin processing income tax returns online as early as January 19th. The car industry responds accordingly with increased manufacturer prices, creating a chain reaction on down the line. Large dealerships, small dealerships, auctions, and even private sellers react by increasing their prices as well. You can expect those prices to remain higher than normal until April or May, just about the time the tax money runs out.

It works like this, manufacturers charge dealerships more; auctions charge used dealerships more, so we must increase our prices to compensate for our increased costs, i.e. the domino effect.

That’s the bad news, the good news is, you’re now an educated buyer. You can choose to save that extra cash instead of giving it away! By purchasing your next car before January 15th, you’ll pay less for no other reason than “you bought at the right time”. Yes, it’s that easy. From now until mid January, you can expect to get the best deals. My savings are your savings.
Have questions? I’ll be happy to walk you through your current situation and advise you on your next automobile purchase. TM Auto’s inventory has a car, truck or SUV to suite every lifestyle and budget, plus guaranteed credit approval. Call 757.560.4252 and ask for Mike Love.

Posted 10/04/2016 in TM AUTO UPDATE

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