It’s more than a car…

For some drivers, a car is simply a way to transport them and their stuff from point A to B. For car lovers… it’s our gleaming, high speed, exoskeleton rocketing us and our families safely through all types of weather to any destination on earth. It’s a classic statement of who we are and the lifestyle we lead. It’s our adventurous side, our badge of expression, our brand. Is it possible that our cars give us an emotional boost when we need it? Absolutely; test-drive your dream car the next time you’re feeling uninspired and brace for euphoria! Sure, we apply a bit of logic to our car search as mature shoppers, but deep down, we want a ride that says… look at me.



It’s much more fun to start your search with emotion and forget rationale; practicality stifles our imagination! The perfect car is a great place to begin and then fine-tune your choices with practicality.


What Body Style Do I Want?

Coupe/Convertible: Convertibles are typically the most expressive and impressive designs. If practicality isn’t on your list… go topless. My inventory has a wide variety including convertibles!

Sedan: If there are kids in the picture or in the near future, four doors are a likely requirement. Climbing into and out of the back seat for the little ones is tough with just two doors.

Hatchback: SUV-like space without the fuel-economy compromise of heavier vehicles. As manufacturers get increasingly creative and design more stylish hatchbacks, these are worth a closer look.

Station Wagon: Some have more passenger /cargo room and even better fuel economy than SUVs! They offer the best attributes of a car without the trade-offs of larger SUVs and crossovers.

SUV/Crossover: The higher seating position of a crossover or SUV is something many people enjoy, for its increased visibility and for the ease of entry and exit as the seat is at a more natural height. More ground clearance than a hatchback or station wagon, but the fuel-economy penalty could be a deal breaker.

Minivan: There is no vehicle better suited to accommodate six, seven, or eight passengers. A minivan is the perfect family vehicle and offers comfort for all. Check out the Honda Odyssey for its driving enjoyment and style.


How Much Power Do I Want?

There is an adventurous pleasure for many of us in hearing the thunder of a large engine and feeling its torque when accelerating. However, the truth is, trucks that tow and haul heavy loads are the real example of power requirement. The average car buyer doesn’t need it. Give it some real thought before going either way.


What Size Car Do I Want?

If big interior space is what you want and towing is a priority, buy big! The more practical approach… start small and work up. Small cars tend to have smaller price tags and consume less fuel. Larger vehicles make you feel safer but lighter cars are typically more agile and give you a better chance of steering away from a crash. They often have a shorter stopping distance, which may even keep you completely out of the mix. Some smaller cars even have about the same headroom as full size luxury automobiles.


What about Hybrids and Diesels?

Either approach will extend your fuel dollar, but at a premium purchase price. You may have to drive 60,000 or 100,000 miles to recoup your costs. The type of driving you do determines whether a hybrid or a diesel makes sense for you. Hybrids tend to use less fuel around town, when low speeds and frequent braking keep them running on battery power longer. Diesel drivers will see their greatest benefits on the highway and diesel vehicles are more efficient than gasoline cars at low speeds. The fuel benefits of diesel may be attractive but can change as quickly as fuel prices.


Whether it’s a classic collectible, an adventure mobile or a declaration of efficiency and modesty, it’s you. Car shopping is for dreamers, have fun with it! Check my inventory and please browse my new website for more helpful blog articles!  I’m always available to answer your questions, feel free text or call (757) 560-4252 and ask for Mike Love.


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