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    TM Auto & Customer Ratings

    User ratings have become a cornerstone of the American, and even the global, marketplace. I myself check the user ratings and reviews of any business that I’m considering becoming a patron of to ensure they’re the right fit for me.
    I’m proud to count TM Auto among the proud few who can boast a 5 star rating on Google. Your question as a customer — how exactly do I keep my top tier rating?


    Quality Inventory

    My inventory is varied and constantly changing. Whether you’re looking for a pickup truck, an SUV or a convertible, the chances are that if I don’t have it in stock, I’ll have it soon! When you do select your new-to-you vehicle, you don’t have to worry about its mysterious past. All of the cars and trucks in my inventory have Carfax Vehicle History Reports available to you!


    Customer Service

    TM Auto is a one-man labor of love. I’ve been buying and selling used cars throughout Hampton Roads and surrounding areas since 2006. I pride myself on giving each customer the personal, individualized service they deserve. Not all of my customers have the best credit when they come to TM Auto, but everyone leaves here happy! With my Absolute Credit Approval, all of my customers get the financing they need.


    User-friendly Website

    My five-star Google success starts with my website! It’s easy to use, well organized, and full of helpful content; I see my website as the icing on an already delicious cake. My inventory displays pictures, provides descriptions, and offers a Carfax report for each vehicle. Reviews from previous customers give new customers an inside look at TM Auto. My blog covers everything from my company’s history to what kind of car is best for winter, to advice on building credit. You can even use my “Absolute Credit Approval” page to submit your credit application!


    Easy Car Buying Experience

    Car shopping can be intimidating, but having a dealership you can trust takes a good chunk of the anxiety and worry out of the process! Your car dealer should work hard to make your car buying experience enjoyable and fulfilling. Customer service begins the moment you start your search online and should continue for as long as you own your car. This relationship is what customers’ value most. It provides TM Auto patrons with peace of mind from start to finish, guarantees customer satisfaction, and ensures five stars on Google. Please browse my website and the TM Auto Inventory. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, I can find it for you!

    I’m always available to answer your questions, feel free to text or call (757) 560-4252 and ask for Mike Love.

    Repair or Replace?


    Imagine you’re going to start your car one cold winter day this winter. Maybe it’s been snowing, maybe you forgot to check the antifreeze, or maybe skipping that oil change wasn’t the best idea. Whatever the reason, it seems that your car just won’t start. You nervously pop the hood cringing at the thoughts of what problems you might find and discover that not only is your battery dead but the cold has weakened your old spark plugs to the point of cracking and has thickened your transmission fluid to boot!

    Now to get to the auto shop you will either have to pay exorbitant fees for the privilege of having your car towed or worse pay a mechanic to come to you! If you’re a do it yourself kind of person then you might try fixing all this yourself. None of these options are too appealing when you’re already half an hour late for work. By the time you get anything accomplished you’re already two hours late, and at serious risk of frostbite!

    If you have an old car, then this scene probably didn’t take too much effort to visualize. On top of being a hassle to you as a driver old cars can actually be dangerous, especially in the winter when older key components are more likely to break.

    “But what can I do?” you say. “Those big used car lots told me my credit isn’t good enough to finance a replacement.”

    TM Auto offers guaranteed credit approval with low credit, bad credit, or no credit on our entire inventory!

    As an added bonus, making regular payments on a car no matter how small is a positive sign to creditors that you are a responsible borrower. So come see us at TM Auto Wholesalers and trade in that old car for a vehicle that you can rely on this winter! With a vast selection that is constantly being updated there is something for everyone. Let us show you how easy buying a car can be! Stop in or contact us directly at mike@tmauto.com When calling just ask for Mike! 757-560-4252

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    Get Top Dollar – Preparing to sell your car

    Is it time to sell your car? Having no car payments is nice, however, if the odometer says you’re approaching big repairs and hefty maintenance bills, then it’s time to do the math. It just doesn’t make sense when you’re beginning to spend more on your old car than it would cost to purchase a replacement. Each car has it’s life, yet there’s really no specific mileage that determines it. Many of today’s vehicles routinely exceed 100,000 miles without experiencing major mechanical problems. But sooner or later… it’s time.

    So how do you prepare your car for a buyer? The first thing you’ll want to focus on is passing a buyer’s inspection. If you and your car are properly prepared, it will be easier to show,  advertise, and even command a better price for your automobile. First, consider the cleanliness of your car. What condition would it need to be in for YOU to be impressed? Most buyers are turned off by messy, dirty cars. When given the choice, they almost always choose the clean, tidy one. Thoroughly cleaning your vehicle is absolutely crucial; you can do this yourself for just a couple hours and a few bucks. Make your car look its absolute best; the buyer is more likely to see it as their best choice!

    Next, show the buyer how well you’ve taken care of your car. Pull out your maintenance records and organize them neatly in a folder so that prospective buyers can review them. This is documented proof that you’ve kept your car in excellent condition. Keeping your car clean and waxed is also good for your car and impressive to potential buyers. Consider that buyers may have browsed sites like Cargurus.com to get a idea of what your car is worth in its current condition; you want it to look its best. Those who start thinking about the resale of their car when they purchase it, will have a much better shot at getting their price. If you’re one of the majority of car owners who don’t meticulously maintain your car then it’s time to get to work on “reconditioning”. Start fixing, cleaning, and replacing whatever is needed to bring your car’s condition up to snuff. The bottom line is that when presenting your car to a potential buyer, it should be perfectly in order. A clean, well maintained car with the original keys, manufacturer’s owner’s manual, and all maintenance and service documentation will impress most any buyer. The checklist below will help you prep your ride for a potential buyer’s once over. Our inventory may also give you an idea of what buyers expect when shopping for a used car. Give your car a fighting chance even if you haven’t planned ahead! Get to work & good selling!


    1. Have the oil and other mechanical fluids serviced. Smart buyers check

    2. Clean the battery. If the battery is more than a few years old, replace it.

    3. If the car was not regularly serviced, have the belts replaced and the hoses inspected.

    4. Service the tires and replace if worn

    5. Replace the windshield wiper blades if they are more than 6 months old.

    6. Replace burned out lights (interior and exterior)

    7. Replace cracked and damaged headlight and tail lights lenses

    8. Get all of the trash out, including the greasy French Fries between the seats

    9. Remove everything from the glove box except the owner’s manual, insurance papers and the registration (buy a replacement owner’s manual if it’s missing)

    10. Remove ALL devices that did not come with the car from the factory (radar detectors, GPS, MP3 players, cell phones). Less clutter and less likely to disappear.

    11. Fix all switches, knobs, handles, etc. that do not work properly (shows improper maintenance)

    12. If the parking brake does not set firmly, have it adjusted

    13. Make sure the A/C blows cold, If not, have it serviced. Also, if the A/C smells bad, have it treated

    14. Lubricated door hinges and trunk hinges

    15. Clean and treat door, hood and trunk seals and trea with a vinyl & rubber protectant

    16. Clean the engine compartment and treat all plastic and rubber surfaces

    17. Clean out the trunk. There should be nothing in the trunk that did not originally come with the car. Make sure the spare tire and jack are clean and stowed where they belong. A rusty jack should be cleaned and repainted or replaced. Remove an moisture from the trunk

    18. Vacuum the interior until every last crumb is gone

    19. Shampoo cloth seats, carpets and floor mats

    20. Clean and condition all vinyl surfaces and leather seats

    21. Make sure the dashboard , console, arm rests, cup holder, ash trays and steering wheel are spotless

    22. Clean the interior glass until there are no streaks or smudges

    23. Scrub the exterior, paying extra attention to the bumpers, area around the gas cap, door jambs and other soiled areas.

    24. Make the tires and wheels look like new

    25. If your alloy wheels are damaged, have them repaired

    26. Remove all bumper stickers and personalized license plate frames

    27. Repair all minor nicks, chips, scratches and dings

    28. Make your paint perfectly smooth and clean by using a detailing clay bar

    29. Polish the paint until i is free of swirl marks, water spots and fine scratches

    30. After polishing, wax the paint to protect the shine and dress all of the trim


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