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  • Get Top Dollar – Preparing to sell your car

    Is it time to sell your car? Having no car payments is nice, however, if the odometer says you’re approaching big repairs and hefty maintenance bills, then it’s time to do the math. It just doesn’t make sense when you’re beginning to spend more on your old car than it would cost to purchase a replacement. Each car has it’s life, yet there’s really no specific mileage that determines it. Many of today’s vehicles routinely exceed 100,000 miles without experiencing major mechanical problems. But sooner or later… it’s time.

    So how do you prepare your car for a buyer? The first thing you’ll want to focus on is passing a buyer’s inspection. If you and your car are properly prepared, it will be easier to show,  advertise, and even command a better price for your automobile. First, consider the cleanliness of your car. What condition would it need to be in for YOU to be impressed? Most buyers are turned off by messy, dirty cars. When given the choice, they almost always choose the clean, tidy one. Thoroughly cleaning your vehicle is absolutely crucial; you can do this yourself for just a couple hours and a few bucks. Make your car look its absolute best; the buyer is more likely to see it as their best choice!

    Next, show the buyer how well you’ve taken care of your car. Pull out your maintenance records and organize them neatly in a folder so that prospective buyers can review them. This is documented proof that you’ve kept your car in excellent condition. Keeping your car clean and waxed is also good for your car and impressive to potential buyers. Consider that buyers may have browsed sites like Cargurus.com to get a idea of what your car is worth in its current condition; you want it to look its best. Those who start thinking about the resale of their car when they purchase it, will have a much better shot at getting their price. If you’re one of the majority of car owners who don’t meticulously maintain your car then it’s time to get to work on “reconditioning”. Start fixing, cleaning, and replacing whatever is needed to bring your car’s condition up to snuff. The bottom line is that when presenting your car to a potential buyer, it should be perfectly in order. A clean, well maintained car with the original keys, manufacturer’s owner’s manual, and all maintenance and service documentation will impress most any buyer. The checklist below will help you prep your ride for a potential buyer’s once over. Our inventory may also give you an idea of what buyers expect when shopping for a used car. Give your car a fighting chance even if you haven’t planned ahead! Get to work & good selling!


    1. Have the oil and other mechanical fluids serviced. Smart buyers check

    2. Clean the battery. If the battery is more than a few years old, replace it.

    3. If the car was not regularly serviced, have the belts replaced and the hoses inspected.

    4. Service the tires and replace if worn

    5. Replace the windshield wiper blades if they are more than 6 months old.

    6. Replace burned out lights (interior and exterior)

    7. Replace cracked and damaged headlight and tail lights lenses

    8. Get all of the trash out, including the greasy French Fries between the seats

    9. Remove everything from the glove box except the owner’s manual, insurance papers and the registration (buy a replacement owner’s manual if it’s missing)

    10. Remove ALL devices that did not come with the car from the factory (radar detectors, GPS, MP3 players, cell phones). Less clutter and less likely to disappear.

    11. Fix all switches, knobs, handles, etc. that do not work properly (shows improper maintenance)

    12. If the parking brake does not set firmly, have it adjusted

    13. Make sure the A/C blows cold, If not, have it serviced. Also, if the A/C smells bad, have it treated

    14. Lubricated door hinges and trunk hinges

    15. Clean and treat door, hood and trunk seals and trea with a vinyl & rubber protectant

    16. Clean the engine compartment and treat all plastic and rubber surfaces

    17. Clean out the trunk. There should be nothing in the trunk that did not originally come with the car. Make sure the spare tire and jack are clean and stowed where they belong. A rusty jack should be cleaned and repainted or replaced. Remove an moisture from the trunk

    18. Vacuum the interior until every last crumb is gone

    19. Shampoo cloth seats, carpets and floor mats

    20. Clean and condition all vinyl surfaces and leather seats

    21. Make sure the dashboard , console, arm rests, cup holder, ash trays and steering wheel are spotless

    22. Clean the interior glass until there are no streaks or smudges

    23. Scrub the exterior, paying extra attention to the bumpers, area around the gas cap, door jambs and other soiled areas.

    24. Make the tires and wheels look like new

    25. If your alloy wheels are damaged, have them repaired

    26. Remove all bumper stickers and personalized license plate frames

    27. Repair all minor nicks, chips, scratches and dings

    28. Make your paint perfectly smooth and clean by using a detailing clay bar

    29. Polish the paint until i is free of swirl marks, water spots and fine scratches

    30. After polishing, wax the paint to protect the shine and dress all of the trim


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    4 easy ways to build & rebuild your credit


    Whether you’re a bright-eyed youth or an experienced buyer who’s fallen on hard times, the necessity to build good credit is a fact of life. Bad credit is not the end of the world! Here are 4 easy ways you can build a good credit score. Although they are mainly for young adults trying to build their initial line of credit, they are sure to be of help to those of you whose credit scores have suffered a hit or two in the past as well.

    1. Budget for a Credit Card – So, you’ve opened a checking account and maybe even got a debit card, but have stayed away from credit out of a fear of going over your limit. Congratulations! You’re already thinking more money-consciously than most people, but you don’t have to fear credit! If you budget correctly, then a credit card becomes an easy way to boost your credit rating monthly. It’s not much at first, but if the maximum payment is made every month, then your credit rating will go up accordingly.

    2. Always Pay on Time – Paying off the maximum balance on a credit card is all well and good, but it means nothing if payments aren’t made on time. Payment history is the most important tool in establishing your credit score, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to establish yourself as a trustworthy buyer!

    3. Keep that Balance Low – Credit limits vary from card to card, and it can be tempting to use close to your monthly limit. As a rule of thumb however, you should only utilize 10-30% of your credit at any one time. It’s okay to go over this occasionally, but consistently going over this self-imposed limit can indicate financial irresponsibility.

    4. Regular monthly payments on a car is another way to improve or establish credit and since TM Auto Wholesalers has Guaranteed Credit Approval on its entire inventory, almost anyone can make a purchase and get started building or rebuilding your credit today! So what do you do if you have bad credit, no credit, or need to rebuild your credit but need a car now? Check out our great selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs! Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, TM Auto Wholesalers will work with you to find the vehicle that best suits your needs and get you approved!  For a free appointment contact Mike on the web at mike@tmauto.com, or by phone or text at 757-560-4252. We’ll show you how easy buying a car can be!

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    Healthy used cars provide long term savings

    Let’s say it’s time to purchase a second automobile. Maybe it’s just a weekend driver for the beach or special events so you’ve set aside a small budget and plan to go all out to save money. It’s a fair bet that buying a less expensive “new” car has crossed your mind since many have attractive service plans and may cost less in repairs. Is the monthly payment worth it? What about the down payment; would that be best spent on a well maintained used car instead?

    Saving money usually begins with less expensive down payments and no monthly repair bills indeed, but you may discover that your cheap “new” car ends up costing you more down the road. While some dealerships offer an attractive monthly service agreement that may include free oil changes and a free wash, rest assured that you’re going to pay for those freebies sooner or later. The 50’000, 80’000 and 100’000 mile service visits are not so easy on the wallet and are in addition to your regular monthly car payment. They can cost from $300.00 to $1’500.00 depending on the dealer and required service work. Granted these regular check ups are meant to ensure your car’s health over the long term but if saving money is your goal then this could be more than you originally bargained for. To save money you may choose not to have these services performed as they are often sold as “preventative” work. Buyer beware, if they are required to support your car’s warranty, you’re probably better off spending the money. Should a breakdown occur as a result of worn parts due to a skipped service visit then you may be in for big trouble.

    When buying used, begin with a healthy vehicle by referencing the vehicle’s Carfax. Your initial outlay of cash should be far less as well as your monthly payment. Is many cases you may be able to pay cash for your weekend excursion vehicle! Plus, you can continue to save money by maintaining your automobile properly and avoiding expensive repairs and service visits at a dealership. Do-it yourselfers love this option and often thrive on the feeling of accomplishment they get from both the finished service work and saving money. Still others may prefer less or no time under the hood and wish to hire a pro to take care of the regular maintenance work on their used cars. Either way, by following a simple monthly maintenance plan your initial savings on your used weekend traveler won’t be gobbled up by repairs or expensive service visits. Owning a safe, reliable, inexpensive used automobile is great way to save money all the way around. Your car’s well-being begins with knowing it and what it needs to stay in great shape. Your maintenance list should consist of regularly check tires, oil, windows, brakes, interiors and fluids. Newer cars will have all status reports displayed in the dash board panel of the car. It’s easy to follow up and do the maintenance. Preparing a car maintenance chart for referencing manually on a regular basis is also a good idea.


    • Check engine oil and change according to manual

    • Check engine coolant and flush annually

    • Change air filter according to manual

    • Check automatic transmission fluid and change according to manual

    • Battery (Fill and check for leaks)

    • Wipers Blades (Change as needed for proper performance)

    • Tire Rotation (According to manual)

    • Take care of small problems fast (Odd noises, unusual vibrations etc)

    • Wash and wax regularly (Check for corrosion)

    • Regular state inspections

    • Annual mechanic Inspection (Have your mechanic giver her the once over)

    As with all car purchases and monthly service plans there will be exceptions on both sides so a careful analysis of your car’s maintenance requirements is advised. Whether you choose to buy new or used, protecting your 4 wheeled investment is a great way to save money.

    Home Sweet Car


    Gotta Go, Gotta Go! We stepped on the gas peddle over a hundred years ago and never looked back. You probably have saddle sores from all the time you spend in the driver’s seat! We will actually cover enough distance in our lifetime to go to the moon and back 3 times! Great reasons why your rocket needs all the comforts of home and specific features to fit your needs. The great thing is, our cars are getting more equipped for our lives everyday, and soon they’ll even drive for us. Sometimes it seems like we’re in our cars more than we are our homes so finding the right fit is very important.

    There’s practically a car for every person’s taste and task today. Manufactures build to suit our every whim and virtually any available option can be added or removed from the list for the right price. With all these choices it’s getting hard to know where to draw the line! Sure, if money was no option then our perfect car would be on the design table of our favorite manufacturer right now, but let’s get serious; we need the most car for our hard earned dollar. Rest assured, it’s out there, and with the right checklist you’ll find it.Think of your car as you would your home and you’ll be more likely to make practical choices where needed and still have some room for the fun stuff. This simple checklist will get you started prioritizing from the top and then on to the details. Making an educated purchase will pay off huge down the road believe me, I’ve heard some nightmare stories from people that jumped on a “so called deal” without considering if it was what they needed or even wanted!

    Priorities to consider when selecting the right car for your lifestyle and budget.

    • Family
    • Safety
    • 4WD, All-Wheel Drive, 2WD
    • Wheel Base (a.k.a. leg room)
    • Travel
    • Luxury/Comfort
    • Performance/Sporty
    • Towing Capacity
    • Going Green (Hybrids)
    • Fuel Economy
    • Reliability
    • Maintenance Costs
    • Price

    Just like your home, you’re most likely to have a payment on your car. You’re also going to use it daily and keep it for a while… if you choose wisely. Price can be negotiated most times but the other items on your list can’t. Be honest about your needs and wants and the price will almost always reflect your choices. If it’s too high, take another look at those wants before sacrificing a need. Oh, and remember if you plan to keep your next car, get the one you want. It’s easy to keep the things we love. Feel free to call 757-560-4252 and ask for Mike Love, I’ll be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the TM Auto inventory for your next car purchase.