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    Our philosophy at TM Auto is to finance the vehicle of your choice regardless of your credit score! You can even improve your credit when buying a used car, truck, or SUV from TM Auto Wholesalers! You already know that TM Auto Wholesalers is your best bet for purchasing a car when you have bad credit or no credit, but did you know that you can actually save money by purchasing a used car, truck, or SUV in December?


    You read that right! It is actually cheaper to buy a vehicle in December or at the beginning of January than at other times of the year! There are a couple of reasons for these savings.

    # 1. Mike at TM Auto notes, “Suppliers capitalize on profits as tax season approaches by raising car prices for dealers. That’s why I can offer some of my best prices in December and up to January 15th.” Both Military.com and This Is Money report that December is one of the best times to buy a car!

    # 2. Suppliers and used car dealers are more likely to liquidate stock at the end of the fiscal year in order to make room for more automobiles arriving in the new year so it’s a great time to get a deal!

    Come over to TM Auto Wholesalers and we’ll show you how easy buying a car can be and also help you hold on to some of that hard-earned cash for your holiday expenses! As always, you can contact us online at mike@tmauto.com, or by phone or text at 757-560-4252. Ask for Mike, and get a better deal than you ever imagined was possible!

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    Repair or Replace?


    Imagine you’re going to start your car one cold winter day this winter. Maybe it’s been snowing, maybe you forgot to check the antifreeze, or maybe skipping that oil change wasn’t the best idea. Whatever the reason, it seems that your car just won’t start. You nervously pop the hood cringing at the thoughts of what problems you might find and discover that not only is your battery dead but the cold has weakened your old spark plugs to the point of cracking and has thickened your transmission fluid to boot!

    Now to get to the auto shop you will either have to pay exorbitant fees for the privilege of having your car towed or worse pay a mechanic to come to you! If you’re a do it yourself kind of person then you might try fixing all this yourself. None of these options are too appealing when you’re already half an hour late for work. By the time you get anything accomplished you’re already two hours late, and at serious risk of frostbite!

    If you have an old car, then this scene probably didn’t take too much effort to visualize. On top of being a hassle to you as a driver old cars can actually be dangerous, especially in the winter when older key components are more likely to break.

    “But what can I do?” you say. “Those big used car lots told me my credit isn’t good enough to finance a replacement.”

    TM Auto offers guaranteed credit approval with low credit, bad credit, or no credit on our entire inventory!

    As an added bonus, making regular payments on a car no matter how small is a positive sign to creditors that you are a responsible borrower. So come see us at TM Auto Wholesalers and trade in that old car for a vehicle that you can rely on this winter! With a vast selection that is constantly being updated there is something for everyone. Let us show you how easy buying a car can be! Stop in or contact us directly at mike@tmauto.com When calling just ask for Mike! 757-560-4252

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    Find the right car at TM AUTO!


    (Carmen Joyner with her newly purchased 2009 Expedition)

    Whether it has been a long time since your last purchase, or if it is your first time, it’s natural to feel nervous when going to the car lot. In fact, buying a used vehicle can be downright scary, but it doesn’t have to be!  At TM Auto Wholesalers, customer service is our top priority, and we wish for all of customers to feel comfortable when purchasing a used vehicle, regardless of credit history. To allay our customers’ fears, we offer services such as CARFAX vehicle history reports, but we also provide so much more!

    Finding You the Right Car

    Picture this: You’ve browsed the inventory long enough and have finally decided on the car you’ve always wanted, a sporty 2005 Toyota Camry with extra features!  You’re feeling great, content in the knowledge that in a few hours you will riding home in the car of your dreams. You arrive at the lot only to have your dreams crushed upon learning that the Toyota Camry has already been sold!

    Now here’s where things get strange. At most car lots, this would be the point where the salesperson apologizes for the lack of your desired car, and instead offers to direct you towards a suitable (and doubtlessly more expensive) vehicle. Not at TM Auto! Mike Love hates to see a dissatisfied customer, and understands how hard it can be to settle for a different vehicle, so he decides to do some looking of his own upon seeing how distraught you are. A short while later, Mike has set up a deal with a competing used car salesperson, and you leave a satisfied former pedestrian, all with no sale to Mike! Yes, it comes down to customer satisfaction and that’s the bottom line at TM Auto.

    So don’t be scared! Be excited, because the right car for you is waiting at TM Auto Wholesalers! Browse our inventory, check the complimentary CARFAX Vehicle History Reports, and let us know when you are ready to see your new car in person! If you or anyone you know is in the market for a used vehicle, then please contact Mike Love by phone or text at 757-560-4252, or by email at mike@tmauto.com.

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    The easiest car buying experience ever!


    “Darren from Indianapolis” with his trade in and newly purchased 1993 Fox Body Mustang*

    Purchasing an automobile is a big decision, and an exciting one too, but it can also be intimidating and confusing. A hassle free, enjoyable car buying experience is a welcome relief and gives customers the confidence to call back with questions and even send referrals to their family and friends. Being an independent used-car dealer for over 10 years I’ve learned that satisfied customers return. Building a trusting bond helps restore people’s faith in buying pre-owned automobiles. The used car business requires a fresh approach and that’s exactly what has made TM Auto successful.

    As a Director on the Board of the Chesapeake Rotary Club, I strive to align my actions as a car-dealer with the Rotary International motto of “Service Above Self.” By elevating customer service to include pre-sale research, I’m able to help my customers determine exactly what kind of car within their price range suits them,as well as what type of financing will work best for their budget. Consulting is an important part of my customer service. With every purchase I provide a Carfax, state inspection, tags and title transfer, detailing, and in most cases delivery to our client’s front door.

    “Mike makes buying a car as simple as we all wish it could be. He brought the car to me to look at first and for the purchase.” – Proud owner of a new-to-them Highlander

    “Great guy! Not your usual car salesman.” – Cindy

    “Mike made what I thought would be a annoying experience, into a very enjoyable one.” – Cody

    *A recent customer traveled from Indianapolis to purchase a 1993 Fox Body Mustang. I asked what persuaded him to trek 800 miles to TM Auto Wholesalers, he replied, “I knew after talking with you over email, reading reviews of other out of town customers, and by you making sure I knew exactly what I was purchasing before I ever left IN. All of this reassured me that I found the right car dealer”

    I’m always excited to have happy customers. Building long lasting relationships keeps our business growing; it’s what I value most. So when making the decision where to purchase your next used vehicle I hope you’ll remember to look at how the dealership treats its customers. Read their online reviews. If the customer service isn’t great, keep looking.
    Mike Love ~ TM Auto Wholesalers

    Why smart people buy used cars!

    Ok, so remember the time you were talking up that new car or truck to your uncle and he replied, “I never buy new…, always 2 years old.” You were like.. but I want a NEW car! Do you also remember that this was the uncle with a second home in Dana Point California and a perpetual happy face. That used car advice carries a little more weight when it’s coming from someone who has made lot’s of smart financial moves. So why is buying used so smart? Cars are more reliable than ever before and last much longer (even if not well maintained previously). They can be easy on your budget through the entire ownership experience. However, all used cars aren’t created equal so always do your research before buying. Now without further ado, here are the top reasons for buying used automobiles for your consideration.

    1. Value. As far as value is concerned, the old adage rings true: A car loses value as soon as you drive it off the dealership lot—up to 15% depending on the vehicle. It doesn’t stop there; by the time it’s four years old, the typical car retains only about half of its value. After that, however, the depreciation curve is much less steep.

    So, buying a three or four-year-old car, which should still have years of dependability, makes plenty of sense. It’s even possible to buy a car at this age, drive it for a year and resell it with little or no loss in equity. However, once cars are six-years old, the depreciation curve increases again, and cars of that age are less reliable.

    “It also cost less to insure a used car, as used vehicles have less value than a new model. You can also save more money once the car becomes older by dropping collision and theft coverage, if you choose.

    Depending on the state you live in, you also might save money on vehicle registration fees. In many states, the fee they charge to register a car is based on the car’s sales price.”

    As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t put money toward repairs once they surpass more than half of a car’s value. So, for example, if you have a nine-year-old car valued at $4,500, a $2,300 repair bill is probably better spent as a down payment on your next used car.

    So, the most cost effective way to own a car is to buy one that’s about 3- or 4-years old and drive it until it’s no longer driveable or worth the cost to maintain.

    2. Dependability. Overall, car dependability has improved considerably over the past decade. A five-year-old vehicle is likely to have about a third fewer problems than one would have had a decade back. Engine, transmission and exhaust problems, which once plagued older cars, have decreased dramatically, according to automotive research groups.

    “When properly maintained, a vehicle built in 2011 should easily last another six to eight years without needing any major repairs.”

    Modern cars can last 150,000 miles or even much longer when properly maintained.One downside to owning used car is that it is typically out of warranty, and you’ll have to pay for repairs yourself. However, most will be for wear items such as brakes, batteries and tires.

    Used-car dealers try to push certified pre-owned cars as the next best thing to buying new and they’ve been very popular with budget-conscious drivers who want new-car dependability without paying the new-car price.

    “But a certified pre-owned car typically costs $2,000 to $2,500 more than an identical non-certified car, and the extra price you pay is often more than what you would likely spend on repairs during the car’s warranty period. So, these cars are really nothing more than used cars with an expensive extended warranty tacked onto the price.”

    With relatively newer used cars in particular, certification doesn’t make much sense as most cars are relatively trouble-free in their first three to six years. Your best bet when buying a used car is to take it to an independent mechanic for an inspection and skip the in-house certification and expensive warranty and put that money into a rainy-day fund for the car if something goes wrong.

    3. Safety. Only a few years ago, buying a three- or four-year-old used car meant that you had to give up advanced safety features like electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, and side-curtain air bags, but those features can now found on most cars manufactured after 2009. However, you should still do some research to make sure any car you’re interested in has such safety features, do not even consider a car without stability control, which is a critically important safety feature that can keep a car on its intended path by preventing it from sliding sideways in a turn.

    Stability control has been found to reduce the risk of fatal-single car accidents by more than 50%. Near half of all fatal car crashes involve just one vehicle colliding with a tree or another obstacle after leaving the road.

    All vehicles manufactured from 2012 on have stability control as a standard feature, mandated by the National Highway Safety Administration.

    If you are thinking about buying a used car, we recommend referring to J.D. Power & Associates’ list of vehicles rated highly for dependability. You should also refer to Edmunds.com’s Consumer Ratings and Reviews to read about other owners’ personal experiences with their vehicles.

    4. Sustainability (Going Green). From a sustainability perspective, it definitely makes more sense to buy a used car that gets good fuel economy over a new one, as the building and disposal of an automobile has a significant environmental impact. The automotive industry’s own studies have shown that between 12 and 28 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions generated during a car’s lifecycle occur during manufacturing and initial shipment. Every time a consumer opts for a used car over a new one, that’s one car that’s already passed through those phases and one less vehicle headed to the scrap heap.

    And while you might think buying a new hybrid might be more ecologically sound that buying a used car, hybrids actually have a much larger environmental impact to build than comparable non-hybrids, as those lithium-ion, lead-acid, or Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries are no friends of the environment. And electric cars like the Tesla and Nissan Leaf are emission free only if the electrical power comes from a source that is renewable, like solar or wind. It’s much more likely that the electricity will come from a  coal- or natural-gas burning power plant.

    So, buying a used car could be your greenest choice.

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    Tips for buying your teen their first car

    Is it time to buy your “teen” their first car? Be ready for significant expenses beyond the purchase price: You’re also on the hook for, fuel, maintenance, repairs, insurance, and taxes…  Here’s a few tips!

    Establish your budget?

    Establishing a reasonable budget is critical. The money you have available for a down payment and potential for making monthly installments on a loan will determine your car choices.

    Is this is a car just through high school or whether it will be their traveling companion through college. That distinction will determine how new and reliable the car must be.

    No question, the best way to save money is to buy used. By purchasing used, you can buy more car, meaning you could afford, say, a midsized sedan rather than a tiny econobox. A new car loses almost half its value in the first five years, on average but has more than half its useful life left. Letting someone else take the depreciation hit is a smart bet. But try to buy the newest car you can, in order to get the most up-to-date safety features. And

    Do your homework

    With a budget in mind, now comes the fun part: creating a short list of target vehicles. Focus on practical choices—cars that will minimize ownership costs and suit your needs for the next few years.

    To right-size your costs, resist the temptation to target sporty, luxury, or large vehicles. They can be costly to maintain and insure, and tend not to get good fuel mileage. Look to small sedans and hatchbacks from mainstream brands, or even better, midsized sedans. The insurance company will penalize a young driver in a sporty car; big engines cost more to fuel and maintain; and gee-whiz features tend to carry reliability risks. Plus, financed new cars will command higher insurance premiums to cover collision protection. Simple is best.

    To reduce the risk of purchasing a trouble-prone vehicle, identify models with a good reliability record before you begin shopping. Consumer Reports collects data on more than a million cars a year to present reliability information covering the past decade. Such data can point you to cars that have been shown to hold up well over time. Reliability is a key factor, as it speaks to potential costs and inconvenience.

    Read online reviews of the cars you’re considering from both automobile publications and owner forums. Balance the different perspectives against your preferences, and use the feedback to highlight aspects that warrant closer attention. For instance, complaints about the seat comfort or ride quality can be evaluated on a test drive. Your opinions may differ from those held by others. And ultimately, it is you who will live with the car.

    Inspect and test-drive

    With a used car, every example has led a different life. Some may have been pampered, others abused, potentially by a teenager just like yours! The best used cars tend to be owned by a trusted friend or family member who can share details of the car’s history. When shopping used, carefully look the car over inside and out, top to bottom. Always inspect during daylight hours when paint flaws that may indicate repairs or other troubles can be readily spotted. Essentially, you’re looking to ensure the car is in the condition claimed by the seller. For used cars, the real trick is having the car inspected by a professional mechanic. They will usually charge for the service, but it can be money very well spent.

    Here are some used cars that rate high on the list for teens owning their first vehicle:

    • Ford Focus 2009-2011
    • Ford Fusion 2010-2012
    • Chevrolet Malibu 2009-2012
    • Hyundai Sonata 2006-2014
    • Toyota RAV4 2004-2012

    Need help? Feel free to call me, we’ll get them driving!

    (757) 560-4252 Ask for Mike

    Are one-owner cars really a better buy?

    When searching for your next used car, don’t forget to consider how many owners it’s had. Those that have been owned only once tend to be in better condition and worth more compared to those with multiple owners. You can also expect to see less wear and tear, less mileage, and less years on them! 80% of shoppers prefer to purchase one-owners over other used cars too! Sounds pretty great so far; what’s the catch right? You guessed it, the more reliable the car, the more it will usually cost. But before you make your decision based on price alone consider all those benefits. Also, it may not cost a lot more, only slightly more. According to Carfax most one-owner purchases are less likely to need expensive repairs and are more reliable. However, finding a good deal on a one-owner begins the same as any other used car purchase… homework. Just because it’s a one-owner doesn’t mean its owner was honest Abe. Here’s a few items for your “ask the seller” checklist. Remember to get the full story before considering purchasing a one-owner or any other used car.

    • Was it used for business or personal use? Depending on the kind of business this may tell you if the car has mainly highway or in-town miles. Road miles are preferred.
    • Where was the car registered? Road salt can be a huge problem if the car was from the northern states (Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Boston etc.).
    • How many estimated miles per year was it driven? If it’s been sitting for a long period of time there are a variety of problems you should look out for. Check the battery and around it for leakage. Hoses and other componentry including belts that are vulnerable to “natural decomposer” should also be checked. A full fuel system flush should also be undertaken to clean out “bad fuel that can gum up and clog the injectors,” Probably get a full replacement of air, oil and cabin filters, engine oil and coolant.
    • Was it ever involved in an accident, fire, or flood? Extensive damage such as foam absorber or metal reinforcement bar damaged. If it’s an SUV hit by a small car there could be floor damage if the car slid under it. Mold, rust or smoke damage, could be lurking behind metal, inside the upholstery and car’s frame.
    • What reasons did the previous owner have for selling? This could be HUGE RED FLAG or just a case of personal preference, which makes this a great deal for you!

    Informed, reliable dealers will gladly provide these answers in hopes of proving the automobiles worth. Remember to ask for a Carfax if the dealer has not offered one. As I’ve said before, this is invaluable when it comes to confirming background information on any used car, truck, or SUV. If the dealer can’t or won’t provide a Carfax, keep looking.


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    When is the best time to buy? Glad you asked!


    Whether it’s for your soon-to-be teen driver, off road adventures, work use, or daily commute, now’s the best time of year to get a deal on that car, truck or SUV.

    As a dealer, I constantly monitor the car market’s pulse to provide my customers with the best automobiles at the lowest possible prices. Because dealership’s costs fluctuate throughout the year just like yours, their prices fluctuate as well. Sometimes up and other times down, always changing, depending on a number of triggering factors.

    After the first of the year, car dealerships across the country will begin raising their prices, just like last year and the year before. Why? It all starts at the top with Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam will begin processing income tax returns online as early as January 19th. The car industry responds accordingly with increased manufacturer prices, creating a chain reaction on down the line. Large dealerships, small dealerships, auctions, and even private sellers react by increasing their prices as well. You can expect those prices to remain higher than normal until April or May, just about the time the tax money runs out.

    It works like this, manufacturers charge dealerships more; auctions charge used dealerships more, so we must increase our prices to compensate for our increased costs, i.e. the domino effect.

    That’s the bad news, the good news is, you’re now an educated buyer. You can choose to save that extra cash instead of giving it away! By purchasing your next car before January 15th, you’ll pay less for no other reason than “you bought at the right time”. Yes, it’s that easy. From now until mid January, you can expect to get the best deals. My savings are your savings.
    Have questions? I’ll be happy to walk you through your current situation and advise you on your next automobile purchase. TM Auto’s inventory has a car, truck or SUV to suite every lifestyle and budget, plus guaranteed credit approval. Call 757.560.4252 and ask for Mike Love.

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    Car mechanics with THE RIGHT STUFF

    Buying a used car instead of a new one makes good dollars and cents. Low or no monthly car payments means you’ll have more cash on hand when you need it most! If you’ve purchased wisely then you’re not likely to need any major repairs on your used car. However, you’ll need to perform regular monthly maintenance on it to keep it in good condition, especially if it’s approaching or has past 100’000 miles. There are many great high mileage used cars for sale and because of their previous owner’s excellent maintenance practices; they will remain great for years to come.

    DIY maintenance projects are often easy and cost very little but eventually you’re likely to need a professional mechanic. Cars with advanced computerized systems require highly skilled pros that can assess and pinpoint the problem with little or no guesswork. You may be getting yourself into more trouble and more money by trying to do these repairs yourself. So how do you choose the best mechanic for your needs with confidence? Below is a smart guide to help you make an informed and relatively worry free choice.

    Ask your family and friends

    Especially seek recommendations from those who have a vehicle similar to yours.

    Find a shop for your brand of car

    Many garages specialize in certain makes. Those that focus on your type are more likely to have the latest training and equipment to fix your vehicle.

    Search the Internet

    Look for information about local mechanics on Angie’s List, the Consumer Reports car repair estimator, and the Mechanics Files at Cartalk.com. Cartalk.com provides those services free, Angie’s List requires a subscription, the car repair estimator is free for Consumer Reports’ online subscribers.

    Check for certification

    Your mechanic and shop should be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE.

    Check the Better Business Bureau

    Auto repair shops rank 12th on the bureau’s list of common complaints. Go to www.bbb.org; the information you find might help you figure out which shops you should avoid.

    Give the shop a tryout

    Before your car needs a big repair, you might want to try out some local shops with smaller repairs or maintenance items, such as oil and filter changes.

    Ask about warranties

    What kind of guarantees does the shop give on repair work? Warranties can vary greatly among shops, so ask about them ahead of time. Use a common repair, such as brake work, as your guide.

    Make sure the shop is convenient

    Even the best shop might not be worth the effort if its hours conflict with your schedule or you have few transportation options after you drop off the car.

    I’m also a big advocate of Google reviews. If they consistently get good Google reviews, it is a fair bet they provide quality services. I understand that finding a great mechanic may appear hit or miss but it’s not guesswork. Making an informed decision simply requires a bit of investigation. Please feel free to call 757.560.4252 and ask for Mike Love. I am happy to help, drive safe!
    Sources: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/2012/12/how-to-find-a-great-car-mechanic/index.htm

    Posted 07/12/2016 in TM AUTO UPDATE

    July, Deals, Cheap, Toyota, TM auto wholesalers, Best Mechanic, Car Mechanic, Used Cars, Selling Cars, Car for Sale, Chesapeake, Virginia

    4 easy ways to build & rebuild your credit


    Whether you’re a bright-eyed youth or an experienced buyer who’s fallen on hard times, the necessity to build good credit is a fact of life. Bad credit is not the end of the world! Here are 4 easy ways you can build a good credit score. Although they are mainly for young adults trying to build their initial line of credit, they are sure to be of help to those of you whose credit scores have suffered a hit or two in the past as well.

    1. Budget for a Credit Card – So, you’ve opened a checking account and maybe even got a debit card, but have stayed away from credit out of a fear of going over your limit. Congratulations! You’re already thinking more money-consciously than most people, but you don’t have to fear credit! If you budget correctly, then a credit card becomes an easy way to boost your credit rating monthly. It’s not much at first, but if the maximum payment is made every month, then your credit rating will go up accordingly.

    2. Always Pay on Time – Paying off the maximum balance on a credit card is all well and good, but it means nothing if payments aren’t made on time. Payment history is the most important tool in establishing your credit score, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to establish yourself as a trustworthy buyer!

    3. Keep that Balance Low – Credit limits vary from card to card, and it can be tempting to use close to your monthly limit. As a rule of thumb however, you should only utilize 10-30% of your credit at any one time. It’s okay to go over this occasionally, but consistently going over this self-imposed limit can indicate financial irresponsibility.

    4. Regular monthly payments on a car is another way to improve or establish credit and since TM Auto Wholesalers has Guaranteed Credit Approval on its entire inventory, almost anyone can make a purchase and get started building or rebuilding your credit today! So what do you do if you have bad credit, no credit, or need to rebuild your credit but need a car now? Check out our great selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs! Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, TM Auto Wholesalers will work with you to find the vehicle that best suits your needs and get you approved!  For a free appointment contact Mike on the web at mike@tmauto.com, or by phone or text at 757-560-4252. We’ll show you how easy buying a car can be!

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